Demand Driven MRP – a Portal to Key Concepts

Demand Driven MRP represents an extensive body of knowledge – strategies, tactics (the Thoughtware), tools, and software, developed over several years and implemented in manufacturing businesses since 2005.

The following provide more information (Click on the Underlined elements to visit the details).

Executive Overview

The Executive Overview provides brief information on all the key points of Demand Driven MRP:

  • What is Demand Driven MRP (Demand Driven MRP)
  • Who can use Demand Driven MRP
  • What are the benefits of Demand Driven MRP
  • What are the costs of Demand Driven MRP
  • What is the shape of an implementation
  • What is the logical “Next Step?”

Characteristics of the companies best positioned to take advantage of Demand Driven MRP

Demand Driven MRP is not appropriate for all manufacturers; these are the Characteristics that indicate a good “fit.”

Why the Demand Driven MRP opportunity exists at all

Why is Demand Driven MRP necessary? The problems that led to the development of Demand Driven MRP have been around for decades. Why then has Demand Driven MRP just emerged as a solution?

Details of Demand Driven MRP (Demand Driven MRP)

There are 5 elements that make up Demand Driven MRP:

1. Strategic Inventory Positioning

2. Buffer Profiles and Buffer Level Determination

3. Dynamic Buffers

4. Demand Driven Planning

5. Highly visible and collaborative execution

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