Demand Driven MRP Introduction

If you’re an executive, senior manager, functional manager or a practitioner in a manufacturing or supply chain environment – here is why Demand Driven MRP deserves at least 20 minutes or so of your time for investigation:

  1. No matter how conscientiously you have pursued your ERP/MRP, Lean, or Supply Chain solution, or how much you’ve invested, you are probably not satisfied with the end result performance. Shortages hamstring the attempted Pull system or damage productivity; customer service level isn’t good enough; there’s still too much inventory; expediting costs are too high; the Supply Chain is bloated; there are too many spreadsheets and workarounds; frustrating inter-departmental conflicts waste time and energy eg the Lean champions argument to turn-off “push” MRP versus planners who know the result would be catastrophic.

  2. Demand Driven MRP fuses some MRP, DRP, Lean and TOC concepts then adds some highly innovative thinking.  If you are already committed to an improvement technology you will NOT send mixed messages, you will not appear to be backtracking, it will not make management look like idiots for the direction they’ve taken or the investments they’ve made.
  3. The results in terms of inventory reduction, service level improvements, and reduced expediting costs are spectacular – even from companies already doing a lot right. For example, increasing customer fill rates from 79% to 99.9% while reducing inventory by 60% as sales grow 20%. We offer several case studies, all with stunning results. And yes, you can talk to the managers involved.

  4. Demand Driven MRP offers a clear explanation why you are still having performance problems despite doing so much right with your Lean, ERP/MRP, DRP or TOC implementations. An understanding of the technology provokes a sigh of relief from people in all levels, in all functions, because it makes sense, it’s clearly do-able quickly, and after a great deal of frustration they can see light at the end of the tunnel.
  5. It’s execution oriented, and as a planning and an execution tool it’s an order of magnitude easier and faster to implement than the primary technologies.

Here’s how to use the 20 minutes:

1. Read some testimonials to get a sense of the stunning scale of improvements.

2. Click this link to learn more about Demand Driven MRP – or at least to get a clear sense that there’s a formal, well-structured technology behind the results. The results come from a clear process, not from black arts.

3. Pick up the phone and call me with your questions.   Steve Jackson, 604-668-3253.

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