Carol Ptak

Carol Ptak – expert in Demand Driven MRP and co-author of the 3rd edition of the classic Orlicky’s Material Requirements Planning

Complementing her position as an Internationally recognized authority in the use of ERP and Supply Chain tools to drive improved bottom line performance, Carol Ptak is a leading authority on DDMRP Demand Driven MRP .

Members of APICS, the Educational Society for Resource Management, know Carol as a past-CEO  of APICS, having earned the professional qualifications of CPIM (Fellow level) and CIRM; today she is still one of the most sought-after speakers in the organization and in industry conferences of all kinds.

Carol’s experience is extraordinary. After 5 years of operating her own consulting firm where clients included companies such as Boeing and Starbucks, and years of executive management experience at the IBM Corporation and PeopleSoft (Carol most recently served as the Vice President and global industry executive for manufacturing and distribution industries for PeopleSoft), Carol Ptak is today Visiting Professor and Executive in Residence at Pacific Lutheran University.

Carol holds her MBA from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and is an accomplished author with many published articles as well as books published on the topics of MRP, ERP and Supply Chain management; she coauthored her most recent book with Eli Goldratt, authour of The Goal and originator of the Theory of Constraints, and Eli Schragenheim, a leading expert in TOC.

With her training as a Jonah in Theory of Constraints, industry-leading expertise in ERP and Supply Chain Management, and leading-edge understanding of the DDMRP Demand Driven MRP technology, Carol is uniquely positioned as an DDMRP speaker and presenter and she is available for in-house presentations as well as being a participant in DDMRP Webinars.

With Chad Smith of Constraints Management Group, Carol co-authored the 3rd Edition of the Classic Orlicky’s Material Requirements Planning, to be published by McGraw Hill in Summer 2011.


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